How long does shipping take?

During times of COVID, please be awarethat shipping times may be delayed. Normal shipping times aregenerally 3- 5 business days and express 1-3 business days.

How long is processing time for custom orders?

All custom orders have a processingtime of 3-5 business days depending how busy we are at time of order.On occasions we offer priority shipping or next day postage but youritem will state this if this is the case.

If I have ordered an item that is ‘next day postage’ will I receive the item next day?

No, this is for our processing timeonly. All postage times are outlined above and will need to be takeninto consideration.

I have received an order that has a name spelt incorrectly, can you send me a new one?

Please check that when you ordered youritem you have spelt the name correctly as we do not offer refunds orexchanges if you have spelt the name wrong due to spell check or forany other reason. We will however send a new item with correct nameif we have designed the item incorrectly.

Do you accept custom orders?

Please email our team at any of your requirements and we will let you know if this issomething we can do.

Do you wholesale?

Please email our team at with any specifics and we will attend to your email asap.